Teenage ‘Super Hacker’ Arrested in Buenos Aires

Teenage 'Super Hacker' Arrested in Buenos Aires

A 19-year-old man was arrested in Argentina for allegedly hacking into online gambling sites and conning players out of their money.

The teenager, who has been dubbed the “Super Hacker”, was reportedly the leader of a gang that used malware viruses to interrupt payment processing transactions between the players and the gaming sites. The teenager and his accomplices allegedly utilized a multitude of “dummy” computers to attack targets using malware viruses. The victims would find themselves unable to access their online gambling accounts, during which time the young hackers would steal players’ funds.  The accused was apparently netting $50,000 a month by hacking into online gambling sites and intercepting the money transfers of players.

The teenager, who lives in Buenos Aires, was arrested after police shut down the electricity in his neighborhood in order to prevent him from deleting important data which will be used as evidence against him. In fact, police had been investigating the teenager’s online activities for about year according to law enforcement officials.

If convicted, the teenager could face a prison sentence of more than 10 years.


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