Skrill Introduces Easy Money Transfers With Skrill iT

 Skrill Introduces Easy Money Transfers With Skrill iT

UK based leading digital online payment solutions provider Skrill has launched a new money transfer service, Skrill iT, which will enable users to send money abroad quickly and cheaply.

The aim of this new service is to cut money transfer fees in half. The good news for mobile casino players is that they will be able to save money every time they make a transfer.

Skrill’s vice president of electronic remittances, Jonathan Wood, said, “Money transfer represents a crucial lifeline for millions. Yet until now, the process has been more reminiscent of the previous century, and not the current digital age. Skrill iT significantly cuts the current cost of money transfer.”

Skrill’s timing in launching such a service is impeccable in terms of the increasing popularity of the mobile casino industry. The new service will no doubt be popular with mobile casino players.

Skrill has been capitalizing on the latest developments in the online gambling industry, establishing themselves as one of the preferred online payment solutions companies, after their competitor PayPal. Earlier this month Skrill announced that it intends on servicing the budding US online casino market.

Besides the potential of the global gambling industry, Skrill has the ability to meet the demand for safe global money transfers and banking.


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