Polish Online Gambling Industry Expected to Flourish Under Amendments to Gambling Act

Polish Online Gambling Industry Expected to Flourish Under Amendments to Gambling Act

The European Union has recently taken a bigger role in online gambling affairs in European jurisdictions and continues to advise countries how to better regulate their online gambling industries.

Many countries have taken this advice and successfully created a safe and regulated online gambling atmosphere. Players have access to online gambling websites which they can legally access, and tax has been properly regulated.

The Polish government is taking steps to further regulate its online gambling industry for the better by amending the Polish Gambling Act in order to enable a wider range of online financial service operators to offer their products. But Poland had also been reprimanded by the EU for prohibitive practices: Poland’s initial online gambling bill which was introduced in 2011 did not allow for licensed online poker and the EU initiated infringement proceedings against Poland. The new amendment has rectified these difficulties, much to the approval of the European Commission.

In fact, negotiations between the government and gambling firms have been in progress since 2009, and real breakthroughs are forecasted in the near future. Until then, Polish players are accepted by bet365 and Mr. Green which also offer their sites in Polish.

Previously only Polish banks and financial providers were allowed to make gambling transactions. But under the new amendment other EU licensed firms will be able to offer financial services to Polish players. The change has already come into effect and also concerns online sports betting and horse race betting. Online poker is yet to be legalized but many are positive that the market will soon open up in favor of poker.


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