Danish Gambling Authority Blocks Unlicensed Gambling Websites

 Danish Gambling Authority Blocks Unlicensed Gambling Websites

The Danish Gambling Authority has announced that it is monitoring the country’s online gambling market in order to track unlicensed gambling operators that serve Danish players.

The authority has already identified five online casino sites that illegally provide services to Danish punters. The punters have ignored requests to withdraw their services from the Danish market. The Gambling Authority has now instructed internet services providers to block these sites.

A statement said, “These efforts have uncovered several new websites which have been contacted in an attempt to stop their illegal activities. A large number of these websites have corrected their gambling offers so that they no longer contravene the Danish gambling legislation. However, some websites continue to offer gambling activities without a license.”

The blocked websites are: 7red.com, 7red.dk, quasargaming.com, wintrillions.com and trillonario.com.


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